Matt's RV-6 Project

Matt Dralle's RV-6 Project
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Date:  1-6-2013
Number of Hours:  1.00
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Brief Description:  New Dynon ADSB Transceiver - Part 02

Anyway, the wiring debacle also meant that it would be better to mount the ADSB transceiver behind the panel instead of in the back. But, there's not a lot of room left behind the panel these days. Fortunately, I lucked out and found a really sweet little spot on the left side that was within the perfect distance from the necessary cables on the Skyview. Additionally, the location lent itself nicely to routing the Coax cable along the side of the cockpit under the canopy rail completely out of sight.

It took a bit of tweaking, but I'm happy to report that the new unit works GREAT! The Dynon is now receiving full weather and displaying it nicely on the screen. Additionally, I'm getting full ADSB Traffic (see the last picture in the set). Much more traffic in fact than when I was getting running just the ModeS system. And by "more" I mean receiving more targets. The ADSB coverage is much more ubiquitous than the ModeS converge as well. At one point between Livermore and Watsonville, I was getting signal from 7 ground-based ADSB sites. That's amazing.

The Garmin 696 is still getting weather data from the XM Radio receiver. It was interesting to compare the ADSB weather with the XM Radio weather both in terms of the Radar display and the textual representations. They seemed to be very close in content for the most part, which is good to know. Best of all, the ADSB weather is free! XM Radio weather is $60/mo.

I'm still having trouble getting the ADSB Traffic information to flow from the Skyview to the Garmin 696. The ModeS traffic works fine and displays as expected on the Garmin 696, but when I enable the ADSB transceiver, the Garmin stops receiving traffic even though it thinks its getting data and the Dynon thinks its sending the traffic data. So, an email to Dynon Tech Support is in order.

All-in-all, installation was kind of a pain, but the rewards were high. I really like having the verbose traffic and full weather on the Dynon now.
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